‘Believe you can and you’re halfway there…’

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About Steve

Consultant Physiotherapist & Deputy Director of Clinical Delivery for Connect Health leading the development of clinical services nationally across 18 Clinical Commissioning Groups [CCGs].  Working closely with the Chief Medical Officer and Director of Clinical Delivery on Primary Care Services, Rehabilitation and primary prevention in terms of Public Health across the UK.  Proud to work with an amazing multi-professional workforce across Musculoskeletal, Rheumatology and Pain Services to deliver Clinical Quality and innovation to patients and communities

I took a relatively unorthodox route into Physiotherapy, from mines and demolitions in the Army, to a Physical Training Instructor in the Prison Service.I have worked extensively as an Advanced Practice Physiotherapist [APP] within a variety of NHS settings, including Musculoskeletal Interface Services working alongside Doctors, Psychologists and Rheumatology Consultants. Previously, Professional Head of Physiotherapy at Nuffield Health as well as Lecturing at Keele University has allowed me to experience a wide variety of aspects within healthcare. I have traveled extensively with Elite Sport to various World and European Championships and spoken at numerous conferences, with a highlight being invited to the World Physical Therapy Conference in South Africa to speak on Advanced Practice and Primary Care.

My real passion lies within delivering Clinical Quality, Public Health, Clinical Leadership, Digitial Health, Education and Innovation and you will generally find me contributing to clinical debate on Twitter @stevenawoor, blogging, Obstacle Course Racing, Caveman Training, Crossfit at CWOne drinking espresso, running our two children around and spending time with a very understanding and exceptional wife.

‘Keep it simple, empower movement, engage the mind and the rest should come…..’

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